Pastoral Care

At The Heights we are passionate about high quality, personalised Pastoral Support for our young people. Services we offer include:

  • Full-time counsellor (available for parents also)
  • Mental Health First Aiders – Hannah Speakman and Shannon Gregory
  • In-house sexual health services including condom scheme, chlamydia screening and pregnancy testing
  • Attendance and Family Liaison
  • A dedicated pastoral team
  • Anger Management sessions

If you require any further information please contact the school.


Counselling Service – More Information

Sometimes life can be tough, and people growing up can be under pressure. Having someone that you can talk to may be of help to discuss issues going on at home, school or in the community. At times, everyone feels worried or has problems that they may struggle to talk about with the people closest to them due to embarrassment, fear, or feeling that they might disappoint people by sharing what they are going through. There may be issues about not being able to trust opening up to people for fear of being blamed or ignored. This is may be when you want to think about speaking to the school counsellor.

How are counsellors different?

  • You won’t be blamed or judged
  • You won’t be told what to do
  • We will support you no matter how big or small the problem is to you
  • You can be seen during school time

Will what I talk about in counselling be confidential?

We will not ordinary discuss your issues with anyone else but there might be times if you are at a risk of serious harm to yourself or others that information might have to be shared with other agencies.

What can I get help with in counselling?

Anything can be discussed in counselling and it could be that you are having issues with school, making friends, being bullied, relationships, drugs, alcohol, sex, sexual identity, health worries, exam pressures, or losing someone special from your life. Or it might be that you have other issues you would like to discuss.

How can I access counselling?

Seeing a counsellor might be your idea and you could either speak with a teacher to start seeing the counsellor or speak with the counsellor directly. Your teacher or parent may also suggest that you see the counsellor but this would be your choice and you will never be forced to have counselling if you don’t want to.

Any other questions?

If you have any questions or would like to see the counsellor for a initial chat to get more information and see if they can help you, then you could attend a drop in sessions during your tutorial or break time or just come along to the counselling room when convenient.


The Heights is proud to be a Stonewall School Champion, committed to making school a place where all pupils, parents and staff- including lesbian, gay, bisexual,trans people and those questioning- are accepted without exception. Click Here to view the Stonewall Certificate.