Our values

Engage. Enjoy. Achieve.

Our aim is to provide all our young people with a new route to academic and vocational success, through personalised programmes of study that will enable them to achieve their highest potential in education, training and work. We deliver highly personalised learning programmes to develop academic achievement, vocational skills and personal and social development to those pupils.

Our ethos

We aim to ensure that all our pupils:
  • Achieve good academic attainment on par with mainstream schools, with appropriate accreditation and qualifications.
  • Have access to support that ensures their specific personal, social and academic needs are properly identified and met in order to help them overcome any barriers to attainment.
  • Are supported in order to improve their motivation, self-confidence, attendance and engagement with education.
  • Are supported towards decisions for their next steps following the placement, such as reintegration into mainstream education, further education, training or employment.

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